Insurance & risk protection needs to be tailored to every business. By understanding both – your objectives & your business operations, each solution is designed from the ground up. This ensures policy gaps are minimised, solutions are cost effective and each change in your business is routinely monitored.

Gap Analysis

Policies are regularly copy pasted across businesses in Pakistan with many errors. We run a deep Gap Analysis to uncover any mistakes and gaps in your policies.

Asset Examination

After reviewing your policies, we examine your plant(s) with a team of engineers to ensure your policies have been tailored to your assets. Additional gaps are usually uncovered in this stage.


We educate insurance companies on your business and strive to get even better pricing and terms from the market.

Policy Quality Check

Upon client approval. We have the policies issued. Our team conducts a quality check on your documents.

Team Training

Finally, we run a training session to help empower your team on topics such as, claims management and policy exclusions. On-going reviews are regularly conducted to ensure your policies are mirrored to your business.